Build a Strong, Agile Defense with Our World-Class Cloud and Application Security Services

Cloud Security Partners' team of experts maintains a deep understanding of the security issues you face. We use our expertise and skills to create unique cloud-based and application security solutions to help you tackle these challenges. Through it all, it's our mission to focus on customer security and success.

Whether you're a startup that's building its first cloud footprint or one of the largest Fortune 500 financial institutions, we leverage our experience to customize solutions for you. Regardless of your organization's size, we deliver tailored solutions for your cloud and application security needs.

Cloud-Focused Services

Cloud Assessments

Discover critical security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure.

Secure Cloud Architecture

Develop and implement a robust and secure cloud architecture.

Cloud Program Buildout

Build a world-class cloud security and compliance program to meet your security and regulatory needs.

Application Security

Secure Code Review

Review your applications for security vulnerabilities before they become problems.

Dynamic Application Testing

Scan your application for vulnerabilities and simulate attacks under real-world conditions with DAST.

Threat Modeling and Application Design Review

Create more-secure applications with a comprehensive set of threat modeling and design reviews.